This is just a test page.  I may put some content here later on.  

To view my blog, visit http://wuwablog.blogspot.com/

Home Page
This is a short webpage just to host some pertinent info. .

This page looks like crap because of GoDaddy's poor customer support, and because they basically suck and keep F'ing up my site.  I had a website all laid out, and they conveniently decided to change their website builder version with no option to import my old site.  So I had to cut paste my text back in.   They nicely did the same thing with their blog service earlier... They told me the day after they discontinued their blog that it was no longer provided, causing me to lose years of blog entries.   If you're setting up a new domain, stay away from GoDaddy. 

If you want to call me on Skype, my handle is jlbeebow

To view my blog, visit http://wuwablog.blogspot.com/

To send money, my bitcoin address is:                                                                      14fbwiuKJoSff67oPhit8tXW1kjpR6ZoKS